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  • Can you ship the boxes
    Yes! We are happy to offer shipping within the continental US!
  • Any tips for getting candles to stand straight?!
    YES! So, we have tried a few things….rubber bands around the bottom, beeswax paper and more. Beeswax paper works great—you tear a little off and mold it to the base. Our favorite solution is {thank gosh} the easiest. Use a lit match or lighter to gently melt the base of the taper candle then firmly push into place and hold for a few seconds as the wax cools into the holder :) . You’re welcome.
  • What is included in each box?
    Each box is different and the contents are listed within the product descriptions. That being said at TTIB we have strived to include quality, unique table decor that will elevate your hosting and provide layers of details whether it is Thanksgiving dinner or a neighborhood pot luck!
  • Are the boxes rentable?
    Each box is available for purchase only and has never been rented prior to purchase. Brand. Spankin'. New.
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