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the GEMMA Popsicle

the GEMMA Popsicle


Business in the front, party in the back! This two sided popiscle napkin from LA based Atelier Saucier, is sure to bring the fun all year long. Gemma includes 4 customizable stir sticks (no more "who's drink is this??") and our signature cocktail napkins on a roll. Sit back, relax and make it on the rocks!


Each box includes:

  • 4 - Ateiler Saucier Napkins in Popsicle (dual sided hot pink and orange

  • 4 - White acrylic stir-sticks in stock phrases (or customize for free below)

    • Sip, Sip, Yay

    • Shake It

    • Top Me Off

    • Stir Me Up

  • 50 - Reusable white linen cocktail napkins on a roll

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